Internal Audit Topics

Internal Audit Program Standards

OSIG’s standards as related to agency internal audit programs include:

  • Concurrent reporting to OSIG and agency management.
  • Creation and consolidation of audit programs as necessary.
  • Oversight of the implementation of findings and recommendations.
  • Oversight of agency internal audit quality assurance reviews.
  • Independence of internal audit programs.

See the Internal Audit Directive for more information.

Auditor Training

OSIG will continue to deliver internal auditor training at cost-effective rates for the Commonwealth’s Internal Audit teams.

Part of OSIG’s mission in support of agency internal auditors is to offer cost-effective programs of study that provide continuing professional education credits. 

OSIG sponsors live courses with professional trainers teaching current topics that benefit the auditing, government, and compliance industry.  The course description link to the right contains information on the sessions that will be offered for the October – May scheduling period.  These course offerings are based on the training survey that was sent to internal auditors at the beginning of the year.

For several of the courses, OSIG has formed committees consisting of individuals from course topic professionals to work with some of the training companies to deliver programs that more closely meet your training needs. For those courses, a more specific, detailed course description will be provided at a later date.  A general description has been included for courses still in development.

Agency Internal Auditors can view and register for available sessions using the link on this page.

Auditor Training Registration and Pricing Information

Obtaining a Login ID to Register:

Individuals can register for OSIG courses at the OSIG Training Website or  Individuals new to this website must use the "Create Account" option below the Log in button.   Login at this website will be required in order to register for OSIG Courses.  Your new user id will be stored and will allow you to track your training history in the future.   A link to the training registration website is provided through OSIG’s website.  

Registration/Payment for Courses:

 Once a member ID and password is created, login and select "Find a Course" from the options in the top Menu list across the screen.  From the "Find a Course/Course Descriptions screen", select "Register Now" and follow the instructions to register the courses listed.  Courses will be added to your “Cart” at the top right of the screen.  Please be prepared to pay for the course with a credit card to complete your “Cart” purchase.  Users for the same agency can register and pay for other individuals to attend as long as that individual has a user id.  This will allow a department administrator/SPCC cardholder to Login and register for the course on individuals behalf.  Users can also store the desired course in their cart and have a SPCC cardholder come to your desk and complete the registration. 

The “Cart” function also allows users to register for more than one course at a time. 

Note – At no place in this process are SPCC numbers stored by the website.

Registration Confirmation:

Once an individual is registered for a course they will receive an email confirmation that they have registered.  Individuals who pay for the course will receive a detailed receipt listing both the courses and individuals they paid for.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call the agency. 

The cost of courses did increase in FY2016 to pay for the continued use of the OSIG’s new training website and increased cost in providing the same value added courses.  To reduce the number of classes that might be cancelled, OSIG is continuing to offer a discount for individuals who register and pay fifteen (15) days prior to the course date.  Registration and payment must be completed online by the discount date to receive the discounted rate.  The discount deadline date is based upon the date by which the agency needs to finalize the class with the trainers.

Withdraw and Refund Policy:

Individuals who register for courses will be able to withdraw from the course in accordance with the OSIG Refund Policy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call the agency.  

Login Issues:

Email and provide us a description of the issue you are experiencing and we will work with you to help resolve it.

Agency Auditors

OSIG is the standards setting body and quality assurance function for agency internal auditors.


Peer Review Program

Guidelines, policies, and procedures for conducting self-assessments with external independent validation.