Investigative and Law Enforcement Services

OSIG serves the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia by investigating allegations of waste, fraud, abuse, corruption or criminal activity in state agencies and certain nonstate agencies.

The agency has law enforcement authority within its general scope of operations and works in cooperation with the Virginia State Police, Division of Capitol Police, and other law enforcement agencies in its investigative pursuits.

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia, the SIG shall:

  • Investigate the management and operations of state agencies or non-state agencies to determine whether acts of fraud, waste, abuse, or corruption have been committed or are being committed by state officers or employees or any officers or employees of a non-state agency (§ 2.2-309 [4]); 
  • Investigate to resolve allegations of fraudulent, illegal, or inappropriate activities concerning ... distributions from the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Fund (§ 2.2-309.2 [ii][b])
  • Detect and take actions to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. 

OSIG investigative reports are not published on the OSIG website due to the sensitive nature of investigative reports. Redacted copies of reports may be released upon request. Please refer to Code of Virginia § 2.2-3700 et seq. for Virginia Freedom of Information Act guidelines. 

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